Your soul attends 课程 在 its physical 在carnations. One such school where 课程 are held is Earth. If Source is Divine Love, your soul can only know itself through experiences of joy or even pain and suffering.

(摄影者 阿沃洛尔)


Earth is a place where souls come together for a journey of experiences. It is where you and I can serve each other as teachers and students. It is a wonderful plane to be 在. It is where you can obtain feedback about the choices you have made. If you have made unwise choices and not managed to learn from your 生活 experiences, your soul returns 生活time after 生活time to go through essentially the same 课. (Energetic 在formation about your 生活 课程 can also be obtained from your 阿卡什记录 因为它们包含了每个词,思想或动作。)


在化身之前,您先决定“subject” you hope to learn. From the time you are born, you will draw learning experiences to yourself to enable you to progress through your chosen 生活 课. If you get “stuck” and are not able to progress, you will find yourself having experiences of the same 课 repeatedly.

Earth is known as an opportunity school. You get chances over and over again to retake the same 测试. Sometimes you may not be able to recognize these 测试 because they are presented 在 different forms. However, they essentially revolve around the same learning that you need to gain mastery over. It is also possible that you carry forward a specific 生活 课 在to future 生活times, if you are not able to complete what you need to learn 在 one.

Findings are also often that your soul will also choose to 在carnate with those with whom you have been facing challenges with. In client readings, it is not uncommon to find records of betrayal, abandonment and trauma across 生活times. Where 课程 are mutual between two souls, roles can get switched for different 生活times for the same class. The betrayed 在 one 生活time can also be the one who betrays 在 the next. The hurt becomes the bully 在 the next. The victim becomes the attacker. Or, it is also possible that both souls betray, hurt or abandon each other 在 the same 生活time.

Lessons are completed when souls graduate from the said class 课 在 the physical dimension. Completion with just a “pass” grade 在 one 生活time may mean that you need to sit the test again but at a secondary level 在 your next 生活time. In short, a primary 课 becomes a secondary 生活 课 在 the next. As you move up the ladder of consciousness, your soul evolves.


Passing 生活 测试 starts with realization. You realize what your 生活 课程 are about, 在 the challenges that 生活 poses. You ask yourself what repeated patterns you see that are played out 在 your various 生活 aspects: family, relationships, career, play, health and physical environment? What is the similar theme? Is it about abandonment, betrayal, shame, guilt, loss, rejection, struggle, etc?


In simple terms, you no longer react badly to difficult 生活 situations. Your reactions move from negative to neutral and then positive. Previously viewing a negative event as a difficulty, you now perceive it as a challenge. Finally, with an even deeper understanding, you are able to use the event as a valued opportunity to learn important 生活 课程. You experience a change 在 paradigm.

You understand that your school 测试 are probably mirroring the thoughts you have 在side. If it is fear that you hold 在side, it will be a test that teach you on courage. If it is about a sense of rejection, then the test will be a 课 on unconditional love. If your thoughts are about struggle, then the test will be teach you about divine abundance. Through your state of Being, you constantly adjust your energetic vibrations until you are able to experience more and more positive outcomes.

You are no longer the 生活 story that your ego has been saying you are. You give up the drama, the role of the helpless, traumatized and miserable victim that you have been playing up to. With continual practice, you get better and better 在 dealing with difficult situations. You now live 在 grace, peace and harmony for all there is. You are on top of your 生活 课程. You come tops 在 your school exams.


Ultimate 生活 课 mastery is when you do well 在 your school curriculum. You graduate at University Level with a PHD. I believe that the certificate awards you with an “enlightened”认证。您的证书保存在您的 阿卡什记录。您存在的真相可供所有人了解。整个宇宙都在您灵魂的掌握下进行宇宙庆祝。



I am moving on to writing a series of 文章s on 生活 课程, after my posts on ego. My thoughts are that adopting a bigger perspective to your current 生活 situation allows you to choose your reactions differently. You are 在 better charge. Life becomes less of a struggle and more of a joy to live 在.

My questions to you are: What is your current 生活 situation about? Notice any repeated patterns? What 类 are you currently taking?





积极存在 - May 25, 2009

Love the idea of a series on 生活 课程. I actually just wrote an 文章 (not for my blog) about how 生活 is a classroom. We are being taught every day but we can choose whether or not we want to learn. I really enjoyed reading what you’我在这里放下好东西!

- May 25, 2009


匿名 - May 25, 2009



克莱尔 回复:

我可以同意的话会影响我们一生。他们对我的影响最长。现在,你知道你了;可以改变您的生活,并意识到自己可以控制自己的生活…与神同在。您可以通过力量和信念来实现任何事情。如果您相信自己可以改变自己,那它就会发生。信仰…is a powerful thing!

斯里尼瓦斯·饶 - May 25, 2009


谭咏麟 - May 26, 2009

Dear 伊芙琳 I thought this was a great post linking souls to 测试, exams, 博士, graduation etc…haha…作为即将毕业的学生,​​我现在正在精确地体验所有这些! --




迈耶 - May 26, 2009

Luckily the school of 生活 is year round, though every now and then it would be great to take a Summer off 😉



I’ve been collecting my 生活 课程 for a while, but haven’还没有开始分享它们。一世’我试图找到一种体面的方式来组织它们以便快速消费。

希尔达 - May 26, 2009


According to my 阿卡什记录, balance is the 生活 课 I’我在这里学习,现在我觉得这个男孩很需要-尽管正在努力。 。 。


马里利莎 - May 26, 2009

嗨,伊芙琳:作为一个’我受过很多教育,我可以将其与生活思考的概念联系起来’s trials as 课程 to be learned so that you can get your certificate and move on to the next 课程. Although I must say, sometimes I feel like I’我要去第三次“life” Ph.D. 🙂

基科拉尼 - May 26, 2009

我认为我是其中一班’现在要学习的是如何以新的方式学习完全不同的东西。我一直擅长学习一些我可以严格学习的东西。但是现在我’m taking tennis and dancing 课程, and both require you to learn with your body, something I have a really tough time to do. And my history has been if I couldn’不能快速学习,放弃并继续前进,所以我’我必须克服这种冲动,并保持这两个方面。尽管它们很困难,但它们是可能的。


克里斯·埃德加|目的力量训练 - May 26, 2009

感谢这篇文章。对我来说’一直拥有自己的一部分’是个卑鄙的欺负者,总会以为’是的。当我还是个小孩子的时候,我决心从不采取行动,甚至不这样想,但结果是被压抑的部分变成了攻击性的内在声音。最近我刚大声说出讨厌和批评的事情’m 通过 myself, I’我一直在和那部分保持一致。

伊芙琳 - May 26, 2009

@Positively Present,我错过了阅读您撰写的文章,并且稍后会阅读。一世’我有兴趣阅读另一种观点。感谢您喜欢这里的帖子!


伊芙琳 - May 26, 2009


It’非常高兴我的帖子重申您最近的想法。一世’m glad that you are able to recognize the repeating patterns to determine the common theme played out throughout your whole 生活. In a way, you have broken free!! You can choose to do things differently from now!


伊芙琳 - May 26, 2009

@Srinivas,它’s wonderful that more of us see 生活 as a big classroom with different topics – and not just the traditional 学科s – to learn.

@Victor,我’m glad that you can relate to this post. Life has 类 even for the littlest things. Awareness is key! We need to open our hearts and minds to understanding the natural laws of the Universe.

伊芙琳 - May 26, 2009

迈耶(J.D. Meier)

你是一个了不起的学生。您’对知识的渴望。一世’d be 在terested to read your 生活 课程. My notes are also not very organized at the moment. Having the 在tention of publishing them gives me the 在centive to lay everything out 在 a coherent manner. Also, although I have no clear idea what they are going to be or be like, I know that they will come out 在 Perfect Order.


伊芙琳 - May 26, 2009

@希尔达’s great that you are working on your 生活 课. Oh yes…do stay tuned!

@Marelisa,我’我不确定我是否正在做“PhD” for my 类 on 生活 now. I find that there is really so much to learn. Not that I am really complaining. The journey can be quite fun!

伊芙琳 - May 26, 2009


So your 课程 are on creativity, building mind-body harmony, and persistence? Great ones to be working on!!!


伊芙琳 - May 26, 2009




达芙妮@快乐的日子 - May 26, 2009


What a fascinating analogy to school, and the whole concept of our souls 在carnating on Earth 在 order to learn some 课程 helps us to understand why sometimes we repeat behaviours and patterns –这就是灵魂在这里要解决的。

I feel that understanding is the 生活 课 I have to learn now. Understanding 生活, understanding others, understanding myself.

Vered-MomGrind - May 26, 2009

从将负面事件视为困难,到将其视为挑战,最后将其视为学习机会,这听起来很棒。一世’m仍处于困难阶段。 --

匿名 - May 26, 2009

嗨,伊芙琳,如果我回答您的问题有误,我希望您纠正我“What 类 are you currently taking”?
我的答案。”I am taking 类 of 毅力,决心和承诺.”是对的吗?我真的需要你的指导

伊芙琳 - May 26, 2009


Information about 生活 课程, Earth as a place of learning and soul 在carnations are available via the 阿卡什记录. You can also access the 在formation through past 生活 regressions, 在tuitive readings, astral travel, etc.

There are also books written 通过 clinical hypnotherapists like Dr Brian Weiss and Dr Michael Newton who documented their work or books that are channeled from ascended masters or Spirit. In all, the findings are that we are here to go through 生活 课程 to evolve our souls.

I think I know what you mean 通过 the understanding of 生活. It is the same for me too. I hope to learn to be 在 harmony with my every moment of now. I believe that doing so will bring me towards greater alignment to the truth of who I am.


伊芙琳 - May 26, 2009

@Vered, I can get sometimes 卡住 at the difficulty phase too. However, it’很高兴知道范式可以发生什么变化。这意味着我可以让自己逐步发展。它给我带来了最大的人类潜力希望。

@anonymous, I am not sure what your current situation is to determine if you are 在deed taking 类 of “毅力,决心和承诺”。我想您是对的,如果您发现自己没有完成项目,就放弃一半,并害怕承担责任。

- May 26, 2009

I also love the idea of a series on 生活 课程, since I have so many questions about them.

I’m definitely at the difficulty stage. As you know, my current 课程 are about illness upon illness, but I can’t figure out what the solutions are supposed to be. What confuses me about 生活 课程 is that, 在 every other 学科 I’经过研究,已经有班级和教科书。在生活中,你不’t even know you’重新上学,直到有人告诉你,然后你要猜猜你是哪个学科’re taking. You don’得不到任何课程或教科书,但您’预计还是要参加考试。

既然我在地球上非常喜欢它,也许我应该继续努力,所以我可以继续回来吗? --

赛莱斯| EmbraceLiving.Net - May 26, 2009

我绝对同意每个人 ’的生活似乎被某个主题包围。在开始全职追求目标之后,我开始更加意识到周围每个人都围绕着哪些主题。我有一些朋友,他们的生活主题是恐惧,悲观,不信任等。’真的很有趣。对我来说,我相信这一课’我现在学习是有纪律的–我相信一旦我通过了它’会帮助我更上一层楼。感谢Evelyn如此有见地的帖子。

德拉戈斯·鲁阿(Dragos Roua) - May 27, 2009

感谢您的分享,伊夫林(Evelyn)真的很期待这个系列。作为您对Akashic Readings满意的客户之一,我只能说您在这里有一份礼物。既有见识的礼物,又有描述的礼物。您所描绘的现实是强大的,可以治愈的和真实的。

保罗·莫里斯·马丁 - May 27, 2009


莫琳 - May 27, 2009

I’m 在 the middle of the greatest crisis of my 生活 to date, and it has to do with my 生活 课, which pertains to my 生活’s work.

丽莎(蒙密) - May 27, 2009

伊芙琳,我实际上回到了这篇文章,因为我第一次阅读时有些抵触–不是因为提出的想法,而是因为文字‘lessons’ and ‘tests’我一直抗拒。我想走自己的路,因为我年轻时就是这样的成就者,‘achieving’实际上成为我精神成长的绊脚石,因为我试图‘achieve’启蒙,当然没有’那样工作。但是我知道您确实在用这个学校的想法作为隐喻。也许我对此的抵制本身就是我目前一些模式的信号:-)
除此之外,我认为我目前的生活状况似乎与变得更加直率,更直言不讳有关,这确实让我感到惊讶。在几个不同的领域,我被要求领导,为他人代言或在‘activist’这种方式,这从来都不是我的风格。因此,我正在整理这是在多大程度上拥有自己的力量的自然步骤,以及在多大程度上可以成为自我的陷阱 …

达维纳 - May 27, 2009

嗨,伊芙琳。我奶奶曾经告诉我“We’re all 在 school 在 this 生活, and each one of us is 在 different grades”。即使在我年轻的时候,这对我也是有意义的。

What 类 am I currently taking? I’我重复了第二学期的“Trust 123”,并且还参加了的课外活动“ImprovSMART” 🙂

伊芙琳 - May 27, 2009


我知道你不’t seriously mean wanting to come back to repeat the same 课程!! It may well be that your 课程 center on having trust about Universal Energy. Regarding your illnesses, I was just reviewing some material for healing. I’我会向您发送电子邮件,以防万一您想检查一下这种在美国教过的方法,而且效果明显。


伊芙琳 - May 27, 2009

@Celes,我’ve been having some fun while looking 在to some of the patterns 在 my 生活. The “aha”片刻给我很高…LOL!


伊芙琳 - May 27, 2009



伊芙琳 - May 27, 2009


你知道什么??!!?您的反馈意见帮助我研究了有关“lessons” and “tests”。我不知道该怎么感谢你才足够!!我设法取得了一些突破。我不’现在还没有话能以连贯的方式描述我的发展过程;也许我以后可以这样做。但是,我希望你认识你’我在检查我自己的一些障碍的同时,无意间帮助了我放弃一些思想上的附件。

I do not have the same issues 在 terms of 实现 because I have never quite pushed myself to excel. Enlightenment has also never been a “goal”我寻求的。不过,我最有兴趣从您的角度了解有关您的抵抗的更多信息。现在,我可以看到您的困难来自何处。



伊芙琳 - May 27, 2009


你让我笑着发表评论!!一世’我也一样“trust 123”上课了!您的ECA也听起来像我’ve already joined!


史黛西/建立平衡 - May 28, 2009

I am all about 生活 课程. They are everywhere if we are open to searching for them. I am currently taking 类 在 stillness. I’我学习冥想,这样我就可以从所有的宁静中受益。

丽莎(蒙密) - May 28, 2009


伊芙琳 - May 28, 2009


Stillness is a lovely 课. I take that almost everyday. I enjoy the aliveness that can sometimes com from a session 在 stillness.


伊芙琳 - May 28, 2009


I’很高兴您也回到了这里。不好了…I didn’不要以您的评论为准。您的想法很大程度上取决于您自己的经历。您只是分享您的观点。

一般而言,如果我有任何批评的感觉,那么这就是理解我的抵制的机会。我使用各种技术来帮助自己克服障碍。我称从中获得的学习是“lesson”…。大声笑!我认为这是我需要发展的东西。这样的词“lessons” or “classes”使自己和很多人都可以理解。

再说一次,就像达芙妮先前提到的那样,著名的临床催眠治疗师已经记录并使用了类似“life 课程”也是基于客户在生活之间的tr状态中的报告(因此意味着精神状态,而不是人类状态)。


I encourage you to go for the 生活 changes you are contemplating on, if they resonate well. Even if it is a wrong step that you take, there is no such thing as failure, only feedback!! In other words, you have everything to gain 通过 stepping up!


罗宾 - May 28, 2009

嗨伊芙琳–我非常喜欢这篇文章。我认为此类信息为人们提供了宝贵的清晰度– I love “你是所有神性的活泼表达” especially! love – R

- May 28, 2009

Life 课程…there are so many – if we’只是愿意见他们。对我来说,我从大自然中汲取了很多东西–和它呈现的美丽–新生命,成长,更新,死亡–如此自然和真实形式的生活圈… Thank you, 伊芙琳 – for this today, and for reminding me of all the 生活 课程 I can draw upon…

迈克·福斯特 - May 29, 2009




莎拉 - May 30, 2009


You present 生活 课程 在 a way that is easy to understand and is also hopeful. I like the idea that we are here to learn and experience 课程. I also like that we are give many opportunities to learn our 课程.

在您的帖子中,我特别喜欢这条线,“Passing 生活 测试 starts with realization. You realize what your 生活 课程 are about, 在 the challenges that 生活 poses.”

我认为它’s very important to do as you said and look at the repeating scenes 在 your 生活. I know 在 mine, I see fear of betrayal and abandonment, which leads to lack of trust.



伊芙琳 - June 1, 2009


@Lance,哦,是的….there can be 课程 在 almost every aspect of 生活. If only we can stop to reflect and ponder sometimes….


伊芙琳 - June 1, 2009


如果这篇文章以任何方式教导或提醒您一些事情,那么您就是一个很棒的学生。一世 ’我为你的灵魂成长感到高兴。最初在确定负面行为,行动或事件的模式时可能会带来很大的挑战。一旦能够看到您的处境的现实,您将开始超越您的足迹和困境。


芭芭拉·斯沃福德 - June 1, 2009


小时候我们被告知我们必须去“敲门的学校” to learn 生活 课程. Over the years I attended that school many times. It was there I learned what really makes a difference 在 生活. It’关于我们做出的选择。

您在Warrior帖子中也用以下字眼提及:“勇士的伟大智慧在于明智地选择自己的精神错乱。” Isn’t that the truth?

阿曼达·亚历山大(Amanda Alexander)PCC ICF - January 6, 2010

Very 在teresting concepts. Finding a balance between all aspects of 生活 helps us to be better prepared for 敲门的学校.

Amanda Alexander PCC(ICF)为在职母亲提供专业指导

Diane Von Furstenberg裹身连衣裙 - May 31, 2010


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