Start to nurture your 灵魂 to improve the quality of living. If you are currently starving yourself of 爱, warmth and all things chocolate, it is time to do things differently. Starving your 灵魂 is tantamount to a refusal to say yes to the joy of enjoying rich beauty and 丰富 around.

By starving your 灵魂 of needed nourishment, you end up carrying a negative vibe. It is evident when you are constantly swearing, complaining and being rude to others. Soul starvation makes you bitter, needy, angry and resentful. It is even possible that you feel lonely because friends 在 advertently shy away from you.

Conversely, when you nurture your 灵魂, life feels full. You become a 爱r of life. Every little experience opens you to delight. Rose buds unfolding their miracles. Unicorns riding on rainbows 在 the sky. Red strawberries coated 在 fresh cream. 和the scent of early morning dew. Invariably, living life with an exuberance puts you 在 a heightened state of energy 意识

Being 在 a joyful state connects you to the creative power of the universe. You operate at a higher level of vibrational frequency which then attracts the same energy airwaves of positive outcomes. Your life is like a song that flows easily, seldom with a note out of tune. In fact, the more you nurture your 灵魂, the more happy you feel.




The obstacle that most of us face is that we tend to think feeding our 灵魂s 能够 wait. We starve our 灵魂s when we rush through life. It happens when….


We could be 在 the illusion that satisfying our external needs are far more important than Being 在 a state of joy right at the present moment. 和so, we prefer to spend our time chasing material pursuits and sell out 灵魂s to our jobs. We also freely allow negative energy to take over our lives.

埃克哈特·托勒(Eckhart Tolle)在他的畅销书《新地球》中 告诉我们:‘等待开始生活’综合症是无意识状态最常见的妄想之一。如果您可以享受已经在做的事情,那么外在扩展和积极的改变就更有可能进入您的生活,而不是等待某些改变以便您开始享受所做的事情。



Start right away to feed and nurture your 灵魂. There is no need to wait for all your problems to be solved. Do not take for granted the richness of life that is available 在 each moment. It is 在 your 灵魂 contract to experience life for all there is. 现在。

If you are starved 在 the 灵魂, you may say that you are starved for ideas on how to nurture your 灵魂 as well.









8. 在宁静的环境中沉思。







15.做一个 随意的善举.












Are you a 爱r of life? Are you 在 touch with what brings you happiness and joy, making you content and spiritually fed? If you are, I 在 vite you to share 3 things that you do to nurture your 灵魂.

On the other hand, if you seldom find the time on 灵魂-centered activities, make a date.



—埃克哈特·托勒(Eckhart Tolle)在《新地球》:唤醒您的生活’s Purpose






停止美国战争» 博客Archive »25种养育灵魂的方法 - September 1, 2008

[…] unknown今天在这里写了一个有趣的帖子’一个简短的摘录与刚刚与之作战的人保持和平。 21.不仅通过金钱捐赠,还可以为非营利组织提供服务。打开你的心脏脉轮! 22.和孩子一起玩。 23.日记或创造性地写作。… […]

25种养育灵魂的方法 : 在 suranceslowprices - September 1, 2008

[…] Original post 通过 伊芙琳[…]

较低的自保» 博客Archive »25种养育灵魂的方法 - September 1, 2008

[…]基本上,您过着自我而不是精神驱动的生活。您拒绝对享受周围美丽和丰富的快乐说是!您拒绝放弃上瘾的行为。您加上浓重的负片… Original 伊芙琳[…]

克里斯 - September 1, 2008

We often forget to nurture our 灵魂 when everything around as is going wrong. This is the time when we really need to pay attention to our 在 ner-self. This is very difficult to do but 在 order for us to get out of our abysmal situation it must be done.


拉吉·克里希纳斯瓦米(Raj Krishnaswamy) - September 1, 2008


伊芙琳 - September 1, 2008

Hello Raj, thank you for your feedback. If only we 能够 slow things down, we 能够 begin to savor life. Happiness to you always!

梅丽莎 - September 1, 2008

美丽的帖子,所以非常真实。我们会变得如此忙碌,以至于忘记了养育自己。最终,我们最终一无所有。我喜欢您列表的简单性。我知道人们经常认为他们必须做非常复杂的仪式“soul”当他们真正需要做的一切都在当下并参与其中时,便开始工作。看来我们今天处于同一波长。今天给我的帖子提供了类似的建议… http://melissathinksoutloud.com/2008/09/01/how-to-live-a-happy-life-part-two/

贾罗德-战士发展 - September 1, 2008



也有借口告诉我们 ‘我存了足够的钱后我会继续工作’ or ‘completed my career’.


伊芙琳 - September 1, 2008

@Melissa, right on about making things simple! If we 能够 just nurture our 灵魂s, we experience more joy. This is already 灵魂 work!

@Jarrod, I am definitely for the idea of spending more time with ourselves. Only when we 能够 create a meaningful relationship with ourselves, 能够 we then create a healthy one with others!

已验证 - September 1, 2008

做白日梦很棒,而且被低估了。它’就像是您的大脑的小休假。一世’我真的很高兴你提出来。我小时候经常做白日梦。我会站在卧室的窗户旁边,向外看,编造各种奇妙的故事。我八岁了。我不’几乎没有以前做过,但是当我这样做时’非常有趣。当你“wake up”从白日梦中,您会感到完全放松和精神充沛。

已验证 - September 1, 2008



布伦南·金斯兰 - September 1, 2008




格伦·阿索普 - September 1, 2008

Besides nurturing your 灵魂, i see this as a great post on how to simply enjoy life.

以小事为荣,欣赏您拥有的一切 (即烤蛋糕,品尝美食)


[电子邮件 protected] - September 1, 2008

伊芙琳(Evelyn)是另一个美丽的职位。这个周末我在水疗中心进行了第一次深泡泡浴(我’我在这里住了2年!)虽然我这样做是因为我有偏头痛,但我躺在那里想,“Why don’我更经常这样做吗?”

I 能够 give you the top 4 things I do to nurture my 灵魂:







Myrko @ AwakeBlogger - September 1, 2008

嗨,伊芙琳! --
I think the challenge here is balance between the 灵魂 (or spirit) and the mind. For me the 灵魂 must always be the master and the mind the servant. It’s the same way as leadership deciding the What and Management executing it. This is the same relationship I see with the 灵魂 and the mind.
If the mind becomes the master, ego will arise and try to dominate. It loses it 在 itself. Coming back to the 灵魂 if purifying then. You pointed out a lot of nice ways. 🙂

洛林·科恩(Lorraine Cohen) - September 1, 2008


另一个很棒的帖子。我爱“Make a date with your 灵魂”。您的清单涵盖了我所做的许多事情,这些事情将我联系在一起并带给我快乐。我鼓励人们至少做一件使他们感到高兴和高兴的事情。洗泡泡浴,与猫咪嬉戏,写作,自然生活和冥想是我的习惯。


伊芙琳 - September 1, 2008


艾琳|轻召唤 - September 1, 2008


忘掉养育自己是一个很大的趋势,我’d注意到自己和客户。如果我们不这样做,我们就不可能有效地将自己的最大努力奉献给他人’不要先爱自己或治愈自己。感谢您的提醒。 --

- September 1, 2008

伊芙琳,你’ve hit upon some great things we 能够 do to nurture our 灵魂.

For me, I find that my 灵魂 is nurtured through writing. I feel like writing is my way of freely expressing what I feel – and it really touches upon my 灵魂. I also feel 在 touch with my 灵魂 on early morning bike rides, and late evening walks.

I 能够 really feel you’re 灵魂 在 your writing, and what I feel is one of a nurtured 灵魂 –它通过你的话说出来。

伊芙琳 - September 1, 2008


伊芙琳 - September 1, 2008




史黛西/ CreateaBalance - September 1, 2008

I’m grateful that I am able to play with my kids every day. It is truly nurturing for my 灵魂.

伊芙琳 - September 1, 2008


是…this post is about throwing yourself 在 to the moment and not wishing that you are somewhere else. It is related to present moment awareness. It is about joy that comes from within. You often experience it when you do an activity that nurtures your 灵魂.

伊芙琳 - September 1, 2008

@凯利,是的…I’m wondering too….why didn’您会更频繁地使用水疗中心吗?尽管如此,迟到总比没有好!它’很高兴您意识到自己’在压力或偏头痛的时候,家里有东西可以找。

我也需要做更多的女孩时间。我很喜欢,但是最近的一项活动吸引了我更多的时间–读别人’s blogs. Still, it’很高兴提醒您,博客之外还有一个世界!谢谢!

我不确定我是否会像我这样的年龄去背包旅行。我太习惯了舒适旅行….*sheepish grin*…

伊芙琳 - September 1, 2008

@Irene, I guess we realize it more now that we are doing more healing work. Nuturing our 灵魂s is really key!

@Lance, thanks for letting me know that my 灵魂 is a nurtured one….LOL!!! 是…I 爱 to write…我喜欢找到自己内心的话…我写书时喜欢教书!

It’s great that you go for early morning bike rides and late night walks. It is definitely a very 灵魂ful activity. I also enjoy taking my walks everyday. It allows me time to reflect, practice present moment awareness or if I am with my husband, to engage 在 heartfelt conversations.


PeaceLoveJoyBliss - September 1, 2008

嗨,伊芙琳, to nourish the heart of my 灵魂, I like to gaze 在 contemplation at the flame of a 能够dle 在 dark silence; converse face to face with charming, gracious, 在 telligent women; and follow the blog at Attraction Mind Map 通过 伊芙琳Lim. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? 🙂


[电子邮件 protected] - September 1, 2008


唐’t get me wrong –我喜欢在五星级度假胜地的游泳池旁闲逛,,饮鸡尾酒并给电池充电。但是我想我发现回到基础方面所带来的挑战和精力非常刺激。我写堆的时候’m背包旅行,我有很多美好的时光。我喜欢结识新朋友,听听他们的人生历程,而做一些激进的事情(例如攀登珠穆朗玛峰或环游世界)的人确实激发了我的灵感,您在背包旅行时会遇到很多这样的事情。


伊芙琳 - September 2, 2008

@Lorraine, sorry that I took so long to reply to your comment. I missed it when scrolling up and down this post. With bubble baths and all, you sure sound like a very nourished 灵魂 to me…LOL!!



伊芙琳 - September 2, 2008



PeaceLoveJoyBliss - September 2, 2008

伊芙琳, my dear 灵魂 sister, what am I gonna do with you? No pressure? Mmmm, I like the sound of that 😉


伊芙琳 - September 2, 2008


@Christopher,让’不能称之为压力….”a 温馨提示”会是一个更好的短语-保重!!

达维纳 - September 2, 2008

伊芙琳!这是一个很棒的帖子。 ugg!

Three things that nurture my 灵魂. 1. Making eye contact with a cute doggie and watching its tail start to wag. 2. Singing (even though I 能够’t调一首)。 3.看着即兴表演和大笑,直到我的双方受伤。


伊芙琳 - September 2, 2008





Shilpan | 成功soul.com - September 2, 2008

伊芙琳– What a wonderful list. We often forget our 灵魂 在 our pursuit of happiness but true happiness comes from within. I like the 随意的善举. That is 通过 far the most effective way to nurture my 灵魂.

[电子邮件 protected] - September 2, 2008

Getting outside somewhere beautiful nurtures my 灵魂. It is stimulating and rejuvenating for me. You absolutely have to take care of yourself if you want to be of any help to others.


伊芙琳 - September 2, 2008



PeaceLoveJoyBliss - September 2, 2008


其实我更喜欢“no pressure” over “gentle reminder”. As far as I’我很担心,您第一次来对-

和…我宁愿多照顾,也不愿照顾。它’s so much 更好 for the heart of my 灵魂 🙂

You know, I very much look forward to posting on a blog just once or twice a month with very high quality posts, as a 灵魂-inspired blogger, so that I 能够 devote more time to supporting others 在 their blogging efforts – that is to say, to give more care than I take. 唐’您是否发现以精神为动力的博客作者往往更注重照顾​​而不是给予照顾? --

Which is not to say that 灵魂-inspired bloggers are 更好 而不是精神驱动的博客作者。


With 爱, 在 the light of truth, from the heart of my 灵魂,


凯思·劳森 - September 2, 2008

嗨伊芙琳–感谢您的好主意。虽然我’ve made a lot of improvement when it comes to nurturing my 灵魂 –我还有很长的路要走。有时您会花很多时间工作,以致忘了享受生活。


克里斯蒂 - September 2, 2008

Great suggestions. A lot of them I do already, and I 能够 honestly say I feel a benefit deep 在 side of me, like when I write poetry or sing or spend time 在 a peaceful area of nature.

伊芙琳 - September 2, 2008

@Cath,感谢您对我的书籍口味的信任…大声笑!!!不好的评论?我没有’没听说过。我更喜欢Eckhart Tolle’s当今力量的新地球。为什么不购买之前在商店读几页他的书,只是看看您是否喜欢它们?

@Kristi,感谢您的反馈!它’s nice to know that more of us are doing things that help benefit our 灵魂s.

铝在7P - September 2, 2008

嗨伊芙琳– this was a great list. I like the concept of making a date with our 灵魂s!

约旦 - September 3, 2008

我不’不知道为什么要烤一个蛋糕,但我做到了。 --

时空 - September 3, 2008

What a 温馨提示 to be gentle to our 灵魂s! Put on some music and dance” —今天听起来不错,加上猫也因此而笑出声来。

马里利莎 - September 3, 2008

嗨,伊芙琳:今天,我发表了一篇关于庆祝生活的25种方式的文章。它’s so true that we need to nurture our 灵魂. I’-寻找一部好小说(不是自助书,传记或其他非小说类书籍)以供阅读。

维奈·拉吉(Vinay Raj) - September 3, 2008

视频“Where Matt is?”真正使人激动–我发现跳舞的真正含义–我真的很喜欢舞蹈和音乐– it uplift my sprit!

伊芙琳 - September 4, 2008




@spaceagesage, dancing sure 能够 help uplift our spirits! I do that occasionally with my kids. Smiles and laughter come on so easily when we act silly or pretend that we are some prima ballerinas.

@Vinay,我也喜欢那个视频!它’s so uplifting! I’我肯定我丈夫也会同意。我发现他最近同一天像5次一样播放视频。

梁振宇 - September 4, 2008


是的,喜欢“地狱是马特的地方” videos…令人振奋的音调,许多快乐的人在跳舞,无论您多大年龄或来自何处…也让我想起了“Free Hugs”…though 我没’不敢自己做…ha…

喜欢这个职位…can’等着看你烤蛋糕…我个人最喜欢的是唱歌“Grace”我从昆达利尼瑜伽课上购买的Snatam Kaur的CD…非常令人振奋。我知道它会产生很多治愈….


芭芭拉·斯沃福德 - September 4, 2008


This is a great list for nurturing the 灵魂. I also like Eckhart Tolle’的著作,尤其是他的“The Power Of Now”。活在当下是如此重要。

罗宾 - September 4, 2008


谢谢你的好清单– walking 在 nature does it for me. I do need to be expressing my creativity somehow, which 能够 mean a wide range of things, as well.

伊芙琳 - September 4, 2008

@Barbara,感谢您喜欢这份名单。它’很高兴知道我们是Eckhart Tolle的粉丝’的书。他教的内容简单却功能强大!

@罗宾,你’re a creative 灵魂! I’确保表达您的创造力对您来说不是一件难事!


恩典 - September 7, 2008

就是这样!如果不是’对于页面上先前写的内容,仅建议“play the violin” (how 能够 I 拉小提琴 when the eczema on my neck is so bad?), to “sing 在 the shower”(洗澡就像在湿疹上撒盐一样!)会使我沮丧。现在,这种错觉般的悲伤背后的谜团变得如此清晰!

三通 - November 18, 2010

3 things that help me connect to my 灵魂 are:relaxing on the sofa with a cup of chammomile tea, cooking wonderful delicacies for my family, and looking at pictures of beautiful places and sceneries…

母亲的遗产:学习如何满足自己的需求|纯天然妈妈 - October 14, 2011


在人际关系中建立健康边界的重要性-追梦人 - August 28, 2015


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